AEAA is a chartered accountant firm, founded in 2014, specialized in Audit, accounting, taxes, payroll and advisory services.
• Our first job will be to set up your chart of accounts, then take care of your regular bookkeeping for you, produce your financial statements, fill out your tax return forms.
• We can take care of all employee related administration and we will provide up to date advice on personnel administrative matters.

Our goal is to build up privileged and lasting relationships with our clients, rooted in the quality of our services and our ability to anticipate your needs.

We pay the most scrupulous attention to assist ours clients very closely with daily reactivity.

Our partnership with you is based on the systematic supervision of your assignment by a designated partner with decision-making powers.

The partner in charge of your file will apply the methods appropriate to your situation, listen carefully to your needs and work with you to identify the real issues facing your business.

Founded in 2014 by Abdeslam EL BAGHLI, as a chartered accountant, from start, AEAA began to propose a variety of accounting services dedicated to « small and middle-market » businesses and their directors. Our specialty: Accompanying in their accounting, social, legal and fiscal obligations, foreign businesses willing to establish themselves, or already established in France.

The cornerstone of our organisation is our implication in offering solved cases with the greatest reactivity. The international context needs quick answers and data treatment with no delay. Our consultancy is organised to associate these two aspects.

Your dealings with our firm are always under the supervision of a designated partner who acts as your point of contact at the highest level and is involved in our assignment for you from start to finish.

After an initial introductory period in which we gain a clear idea of your business and its needs, we submit an engagement letter, including a proposed budget, for your approval.

In the interests of stability, we do our utmost to ensure that the same teams work on your account year on year and that your designated partner is always readily available for consultation.

We have our own internal specialists in tax law, labour law, company law and IT solutions, but we also have a network of external partners we can call on as necessary in certain highly technical areas.

At the end of the year, we hold a meeting with you at which we present a summary of our work and you have an opportunity to put your questions or comments to us on the conduct of our assignment.

Company Law imposes certain duties upon every company such as filing returns, circulating accounts and maintaining statutory registers.
Our service can help you adhere to these regulations and avoid the risk of penalties, whilst also freeing up valuable time and effort.

Our services include:

- Company incorporation.
- Registration of business names.
- Maintenance of statutory registers.
- Maintenance of statutory books.
- Filing of Annual Returns.
- Share issues and transfers.
- Changes of directors/secretary.
- Change of Registered Office.
- Filing of statutory returns.
- Provision of Registered Office.

Employee relations is one of the most sensitive functions in any business.We can handle the outsourcing of this function, taking over responsibility for all your payroll and social security obligations.
We have also developed a practical and flexible solution to assist you on key human resources issues.
Our employee relations service gives you access to a real external human resources service, made up of experienced professionals you can contact as and when you need them.

Whether on contractual or statutory assignment, our teams are in a position to meet all your needs with the help of:

Audit approaches devised by our partners responsible for technical intelligence, based on tools designed or developed specifically for our profession, developed internally or derived from those recommended by our professional body, the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes,
Strict practice of accounting doctrine (under French GAAP and international standards) and audit standards,

Training, both general and specific to our clients' activities, Annual quality control examining a selection of assignments and independent review by a partner not involved in the assignment.

In the course of a contractual audit or within an accounting engagement we can assist you in tax matters such as:

• Finance act analysis,
• Optimisation of your firm’s tax structure,
• Tax planning for business leaders,
• Assistance during tax inspections, litigation or litigious procedures,
• Consulting and support in the field of VAT, corporation tax, personal property taxation,
• Outsourcing of tax obligations,
• Tax return preparation, tax consolidation,
• International taxation issues.

Depending on what your needs are, we will also consult external professionals and specialists with which we are working closely.

Our teams can meet all your needs, including book-keeping, accounting review and consulting, backed up by:

• Methodologies developed by partners with extensive experience of such assignments, geared specifically to the legal form of the business concerned (from self-employed person to SME) and its particular needs;
• Formal tools developed for our profession (Accountant), the choice of which is determined by the deliverable required (accounts receivable management/collection, cost accounting tree structure, budget reporting, etc.);
• Training programs, both general and sector-specific;
• Annual quality control of a selection of assignments.


We are a member firm of CH International – a world-wide association of accountants, auditors, tax specialists and business advisors, working with small to medium-sized companies all over the world to help them achieve their goals.

When business owners want to reach out to new markets, customers and suppliers overseas, we can help with on the ground assistance on local laws, connections to appropriate business contacts and all of the financial, tax and regulatory assistance needed - providing a cost-effective alternative to the large advisory practices.

By working with CH International, you'll get first class, partner-led support from professionals who work together seamlessly to contribute to the smooth running of your business. What's more, our members are all self-employed in their own right and so understand the demands of operating and developing their own business.

Members of CH International are independent practices, which all meet strict professional criteria for accounting, auditing and tax standards set and closely monitored by the board. Not only this but they all share an ethos of providing positive and innovative advice and in gaining a commercial understanding of your business - essential to helping you reach the next level in the international arena.


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